1. aggregate, total, sum total, grand total, answer; gross amount, gross, bottom line, total cost or price; gross income, receipts, proceeds, Inf. take; tale, tally, score, final score, end result, outcome.
2. amount, quantity, count, measure, just so much, Scot, and North Eng. feck; mass, pile, stack, wad, Sl. heap, Sl. mess.
3. addition problem, Math. additive group, problem, Math. arithmetic equation.
4. whole, whole or entire thing, entire amount, entirety, entire, totality, ensemble; lot, Inf. whole kit and caboodle, Sl. whole lot or bunch or mess, whole shebang; whole shooting match or works, whole ball of wax; everything, be-all and end-all, beginning and end, Alpha and Omega, all there is or that exists, it.
5. sum and substance, content, meaning, message, point; main or central idea or thought, pith, substance, gist, crux, heart, soul, backbone, core, kernel, center, nucleus; essence, quintessence, quiddity, elixir, suchness, Latin, sine qua non.
6. summary, summation, synopsis, compendium; abstract, precis, resume", epitome; condensation, digest, brief, concise or brief form, abridgement, Chiefly Brit. minute; syllabus, outline, sketch, quick look, glance, Fr. apercu; summing-up, recapitulation, review, rehash, rundown, wrap-up; overview, survey, conspectus, prospectus.
7.Often sum up
add up, add, total up, total, tot up, tot, foot up, cast up, come up with or get the answer; count up, count, tally up, tally, score up, score, (on a cash register) ring up, enumerate, numerate, cipher; calculate, compute, figure up, reckon, ascertain, estimate.
8.Often sum up
summarize, synopsize, capitulate, encapsulate, capsule, epitomize, put in a nutshell; recapitulate, rehash, review, run or go or skim over, wrap up; condense, concentrate, consolidate, brief, digest, abridge, abbreviate, shorten; outline, survey, sketch, give a glance or look or peek at.
9.Usu. sum to or into
amount to, add up to, total up to, count up to, number in, reckon up to; approximate, near, reach, come to, be; run to, mount up to, climb to, rise to, soar to.

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